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History of Futsal

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Australia’s Best Kept Secret – A Game Played Throughout the World

Futsal is the only form of ‘indoor football’ or ‘five-a-side’ that is officially approved by AMF, FIFUSA, FIFA and the FFA.
Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports and is played in over 100 countries and boasts millions of players throughout the world.

The name “Futsal” comes from the merging of both the Spanish words (Futbol Sala) and the Portuguese words (Futebol De Salao) when translated means (Indoor Football).
Following changes at the international level between FIFA (Federation Internationale Football Association) and FIFUSA (Federation of Internationale De Futbol Sala) in 1989 the sport became united with the outdoor version.
This great game today as we now know and call it, is Futsal.

In 1970, the first competitive indoor soccer game was played in Australia at the YMCA Sporting Complex in Epping, Sydney. It was introduced by Edwin (Eddie) Palmer, a new immigrant, who had recently arrived from East Africa.

In 1971, Dawn Gilligan, Jack Bowder and a few parents of the players took part in the inaugural competition at the Revesby YMCA. It was played due to a very wet winter football season, which closed outdoor grounds for many weeks. Gilligan manager of the YMCA and Joe Brent wrote to England to obtain the official rules of the game which then spread to other YMCAs. The following year the game of futsal, which at the time was experiencing world wide growth, was introduced into the Revesby YMCA sports programs and adopted as a competitive competition for the following season. The popularity of the sport saw it slowly spread to the other states.

In 1977, Brent became first president of the then Australian Indoor Soccer Association, which affiliated with FIFUSA two years later. The first national championships took place in Melbourne in 1980.